Illiana Tour

Illiana Tour

    NOTICE: Starting 5-20-2016 we will we will be using the QUOTA SCORING system.

    Call 219-865-2554 for questions.

Note: Scroll down to see 2017 Illiana Schedule & Results!

  • Play generally starts at 7:00AM and continues to 1:00PM.
  • Players make their own tee times and form their own groups.
  • The competition is based on the quota system.
  • Winners receive gift certificates which can be redeemed at any of the participating courses.
  • There is also optional $5 & $10 skin games and a $2 closest to pin.

Illiana Rules (2016)

  • Green Fee — $15.00
  • Event – $17.00 – A Must
  • CTP – $2, Skins – $5 and $10, optional
  • Cart Fees Optional

Season starts May 6th and ends September 23rd.
There are 20 Events plus the jackpot.


Quota points. 1 point for bogie, 2 par, 4 birdie, 6 eagle.  Teams will consist of 4-5 players with the lowest score thrown out.


Season Tee times will be 7:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
Call for tee times – A MUST.


Players need 9 events to qualify for the JACKPOT.
Each player will play with his designated team.
Team and Tee times will be assigned during Open Date Week.


Anyone playing in all events will play free on the day of JACKPOT which includes:
Green Fee, Cart Fee, Event Fee, CTP, and all skin games.

  • Ball can be moved 6″ only.
  • You cannot improve stance, swing, or line of flight.
  • Ball must be played down in all hazards.
  • All putts must be holed out.
  • All score cards handed in and attested are final.
  • There must be at least 3 event players in each group. No twosomes.
  • In the event of inclement weather/rainout all players must complete the same 9 holes to make the event official. If event is halted during play of the 2nd nine, event will be scored up to the last hole played by all players

If there are no skins won, all monies will go towards the JACKPOT. Skins are relative to men’s and ladies’ par.


Teams will consist of four players. The best three scores will be used to determine winners. Number of teams collecting will be determined by players competing in each event. This year a  $50 prize will be paid to the player most over his quota.

Two –  four teams will


Merchandise Certificates are redeemable at courses on tour schedule. They must be redeemed no later than November 1, 2017. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2017 Illiana Schedule & Results



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